Q: I bought your Fractal Preset Legacy version, why I did not recieve the Dynacab version?
A: dear value customer, 
Dynacab presets are totally new.
New in terms of sound and workflow.
Working with Dynacab requires lot of work and the settings are totally different from Legacy cabs version.
In the same time many users still have old firmware and prefers legacy version
For this reason you will find Legacy and Dynacab version of the same presets with Dyn Suffix (of course I could change the name to avoid misunderstanding but it makes sense to keep the same root name)
In case very new operative system (like Cygnus) the updates will be done for both version. Thank you for your support.

Q: I bought presets/patch, how can install it? What is impulse response? How can install it? What is .zip file? How can I connect my unit with the PC?

A: These question regards the knowledge base of your unit.
Please be confident with it, read the manual and try to search tutorials on YouTube, check if you are able to do the basic operations. Basic support is not included.

Q: I bought Preset for FM3, now I have FM9/AXE FX3, may I have the preset for my unit?
A: No, when you buy a preset you can't get automatically all versions for different units. Presets for FM3 are fully compatible with FM9 and AXE FX3, preset for FM9 are fully compatible with FX3.

Q:I buy a preset but I don't like it. May I get money back?
A: Software is not refundable.
On my video you can evaluate the quality of my presets.
All units are connected to an audio interface, no post production.
If you can't get the same sound of my video please check your setup, wiring gear etc.
You can't get the sound if you connect the units to a guitar amplifier
In case of doubts you can contact me for further informations

Q: I install the preset but it is empty
A: Did you install the the last firmware? Please check the FW version of the preset and the unit.

Q: Fractal Presets package doesn't contains .syx file
A: Yes because the preset is in fasbundle format, Don't use Fractal Bot, use Editor-Preset-Import function.
please check this video How to import and install:

Q: I click on the video but it is not available
A: unfortunately there is a bug on Shopify. Please reload the page and try again. IT works 100%

Q: what's happen when there is a firmware upgrade?
A: When the new firmware is released  I check all my presets.
If there are some problems I fix them and I send an updated to all users who bought the presets free of charge.
Because the store is very big, the checking needs long time, if you have specific problem with new firmware, don't hesitate to contact me.
In conclusion, update your unit, if you have problem send me a message and I fix it as soon as possible.
As usual I suggest to update the FW when you have not Gigs, demo, recording sessions etc